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Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Kirkland, WA

Friends of Big Hill Finn Park Trails

This is a non-profit organization established to assist King County Parks with the dissemination of information about and implementation of the park trails plan of March 2014. The mission of the trails group is to promote safe, sustainable, and multi-use trails within a healthy, natural environment while fostering relationships and engaging the broader community. 

King County Parks has a representative at all General and Special meetings of the trails group to provide oversight and facility communication with King County Parks management.

Maps of the park trail system are in this excerpt from the master plan.

Executive Committee

Members of the Executive Committee represent general and special interest groups defined by the committee in the bylaws.

  • At large

    • Lisa Ayrault (email)

    • Frederik Schaffalitzky (email)

  • Dog walkers

  • Bicyclists

  • Neighbors

  • Walkers

Projects and Events

There is an ongoing volunteer project to remove ivy and other invasive weeds from the section of the park west of Juanita Drive. Anyone can show up and help when the group meets. For more information, contact Lisa Ayrault from the Executive Committee.


All meetings are scheduled from 3 – 5 pm and are open to the public. They usually take place at the Kenmore Library. To confirm the venue, other meeting details, agendas, or minutes not yet posted, please contact the Executive Committee contact from your interest group area.

2024 Meeting Schedule



King County trails webpage about Big Finn Hill Park

Big Finn Hill Park Trail Maps (March 2014)

Big Finn Hill Park Trail Recommendations Plan (March 2014)

Bylaws of Friends of Big Finn Hill Park Trails (March 2019)

Pacific Madrone Tree Analysis by American Forest Management (August 2014)

Implementation Guidelines (November/December 2014)

Big Finn Hill Park Brochure (June 2021) (Spanish version)

New bridge over Denny Creek (17 Oct 2017)

Cottonwood Tree Removal FAQ (June 2018)

Meeting Minutes

2023: Feb 01, May 03, Sep 06, Nov 01

2022: Feb 02May 04Sep 07Nov 02

2021: Feb 03, May 05, Sep 01, Nov 03

2020: Feb 12Jun 03Sep 02Nov 04

2019: Feb 06Mar 13May 07Jul 10Sep 04Nov 06

2018: Jan 03Feb 07Mar 07May 02Jun 06Jul 18Sep 05Nov 07

2017: Feb 16Mar 15May 17Jun 14Jul 17Sep 20Nov 15

2016: May 25, Jun XX, Aug 24, Sep 21, Oct 19

2015: Jan 22Feb 19Mar 19Apr 23May 21Jun 24Jul 22Aug 20Sep 23Oct 21Nov 18

2014: Apr 23

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