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Pollinator Pathway NW and FHNA Grant Project 
"Yard by Yard"

Help Protect Finn Hill Waterways by Participating in the "Yard by Yard" Project


What is the Yard by Yard Project?  


Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance and Pollinator Pathway NW received funding from King County WaterWorks to test a grassroots solution to preserving our local watershed: using our own yards to restore some of the water conserving native plants we’ve lost to residential development.

The project received final approval in February 2024. Efforts are underway to determine interest and select appropriate properties. Design and installation will begin in fall of 2024.


Why is the project important?  


Once diverse native landscapes have been replaced by lawns, other non-native plants need maintenance with fertilizers and pesticides. These chemicals end up polluting our waterways and harming pollinators and wildlife. This grant makes it possible for Finn Hill neighbors to make positive changes in the health of our local watershed: by reducing the size of our lawns and planting more native plants on our properties.


If you are interested in being considered for installation of native plants in your yard, please contact 

Native Planting Ideas

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