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Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Kirkland, WA

Neighborhood Safety Program

  • What is it?
    The Neighborhood Safety Program (NSP) is designed to empower Neighborhood Associations to identify, prioritize and address pedestrian and bicycle safety issues in Kirkland neighborhoods. The City of Kirkland allocates $350,000 annually for projects citywide that are under $50,000. Past Finn Hill project include: Raised sidewalk on N.E. 134th Street at 87th Avenue N.E. Radar Speed Sign on 131st Way east of 94th Ave NE.
  • How to Get Involved?
    If you have projects to suggest either submit directly to the City of Kirkland at Capital Improvement & Safety Project Submissionsor email If you would like to get involved representing Finn Hill in the NSP program, email
  • Additional Details
    Projects should fall into one of the categories below: Bicycle facility: Bike lanes or trails. Crosswalks: New crosswalks, improved crosswalk ramps (ADA), crosswalk islands, and rapid flashing beacons. Intersection Improvement: Signage, parking, and pedestrian “bump outs.” Traffic Calming: Radar speed signs. Walkway and Trail: Gravel trails, steps, curb, and traffic delineators. Street Lights: On existing utility poles or installing a light new pole. Projects are restricted to City property, including streets, parks, community facilities, and the Cross Kirkland Corridor. Learn more about NSP at Neighborhood Safety Program (NSP)
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