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Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Kirkland, WA

How To Help

  • Wildlife monitoring: We can support our remaining local wildlife by learning what species remain on Finn Hill, how they are coping with urbanization, and they are using the greenspaces that we have preserved. Local residents are working with UW Bothell faculty through the St Edward Environmental Education and Research Center’s Northwest Wildlife Science Network are tabulating evidence of wildlife activity through a network of wildlife cameras throughout the neighborhood.

  • Salmon restoration: The Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance (now FHNA), working with King County, rehabilitated creek banks and removed a dam in an effort to promote the return of salmon to the creek. Salmon restoration efforts were hampered by flashy surface water flows resulting from development upstream. Those efforts are expected to resume in the near future under the guidance of UW Bothell faculty. You can learn and get involved in salmon monitoring and restoration efforts by joining King County’s Salmon Watchers: Salmon Watcher Program - King County 

  • Trail maintenance and reforestation: 

    • The Green Kirkland Partnership hosts regular work parties in the city’s parks including O.O. Denny Park and Juanita Heights Park in Finn Hill plus in city-owned green spaces near Juanita Woodlands Park and near Goodwill Hill. You can volunteer for work parties and even qualify to be the steward of one these parks or green spaces.

    • FHNA works with King County to restore native vegetation and trails in Big Finn Hill Park and Juanita Woodlands Park, the two County parks in our neighborhood. Sign up for our newsletters and email bulletins to get news about our restoration projects in these parks. 

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