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Creek, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Kirkland, WA

About Us

Our Mission and Vision

The Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance (FHNA) is one of the City of Kirkland’s thirteen neighborhood associations. Our mission is to coordinate residents and partners to protect the natural environment and to promote the welfare of the community by engaging in civic issues.

Our History

FHNA is the successor of the Denny Creek Neighborhood Alliance, which was found informally by Finn Hill neighbors in 1994 and incorporated in 1996 to care for the watersheds on the western side of Finn Hill. DCNA partnered with supporters, schools and King County government to shape land use policy, restore open spaces, educate and celebrate with students and community members.

Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Kirkland, WA

Major Accomplishments to Date

Since its founding as DCNA, the Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance has been active in protecting and expanding the neighborhood’s parks, waterways, and tree canopy, and it has promoted land use policies that balance sensible growth with environmental preservation.

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